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Mother Earth

"I breathe in and out, I give thanks and I ask, I sow and I reap"

I assume that there is hope in the future, since all cultures, however diverse they may seem, seek in their sciences a balance and harmony with hope in a better time.

The Andean ritual, k'oa, is part of a system of reciprocity between the material world and the spiritual world, where health, work, prosperity or protection are thanked or requested, aware that the earth provides our needs.


If we consider that imbalances frequently occur in our lives, then one way to harmonize and rebalance is through the resignification of these traditions that are embodied in works with un contemporary urban tint using different resources: acrylics, earth painting and performance, rescuing the aesthetics and meaning of the Andean ritual of offering and gratitude to Mother Earth or Pachamama.


Installation "Harmony with Mother Earth", COP 20, Lima, Parú (2014)

Exhibition "Balance and harmony with Mother Earth", Casa de la Cultura Tarija (2015)

"Balance" exhibition, Maputo National Art Museum, Mozambique (2019)

Online exhibition "Earth", Banco Bisa site (2020)

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