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Vital space

Where is the truth to wealth?

This project was born as a response to the constant search for the essential, after having lived with different cultures, they all showed me the same path, reconnecting the link of our inner living space with the wisdom of nature that is our outer living space. Divinely guided by the thread of life that binds all human beings and allows everyone to follow their path, find their place in the world where they can experience fulfillment.

There are myths from indigenous cultures that the magic of the forest leaves you madly in love with the soul of nature.  In today's modern world it is difficult to think that we can meet the earth again, converse with it and discover its codes.

This exhibition invites you to feel memories and affections that bring you closer, in a balance in the use of ancestral techniques with natural pigments and more contemporary techniques such as a digital work that through augmented reality dialogues with each of the paintings and is part of the photographic record of the interventions carried out in a residential reserve.

Exhibition Cultural Center Casa Melchor Pinto, Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2022)

Espacio Vital, Trejo
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