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What is Chiquitana Consciousness

It is a project of the visual artist Leoni, which began in 2015, through art aims to generate a collective awareness about the conservation of culture and forests in Chiquitania, based on the relationship of balance and harmony with nature of the ancient peoples. .

What are we looking for

Support the towns of the Chiquitana region with projects that rescue their natural and cultural wealth, thus keeping the collective memory of the towns alive.

Who is Leoni?

Leoni, is a visual artist, since 2001 she has been carrying out artistic projects focused on the conservation of the environment and the culture of indigenous peoples.

Since 2008, he has been carrying out a project to rescue the Chiquitana culture, he has carried out pictorial exhibitions, performances, installations and other artistic manifestations that have allowed the Chiquitania to be spread inside and outside the country.

To do this, he lived for 4 years in Chiquitano towns, where he was able to live together and closely experience the worldview of these towns.

Aware of the relationship between the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the area, with the balance with nature, he has also worked on different artistic projects focused on conservation.

Currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, his work continues to leave traces in those who recognize and value the cultural and natural wealth that we possess.

what we support

Proceeds from this project are donated to:

  1. The missionary music schools of the Chiquitania, where hundreds of children and young people from the towns develop their skills for lyrical singing and learn to play the violin, cello, double bass, among others. Its high level has been demonstrated in the International Renaissance and Baroque Music Festivals that take place every two years, as well as different presentations at a local, national and international level.

  2. Support to volunteer firefighters and park rangers to mitigate the fire and preserve the Chiquitano Forest and Protected Areas and for the conservation of wildlife in the area.

how can i be a part

Our cause now is to support the Escuela de Música Misional de Santiago de Chiquitos, the income is destined to: cover the maintenance costs of instruments,  part of salaries, basic service accounts and/or others operating expenses.

You can send your contributions to:


Conservatory of Santiago de Chiquitos

Account 10000006846212

NIT 157/2013

Send your voucher via WhatsApp to +591-75135561 and we will send you a digital work by Leoni as a reward.

another way to support

For the purchase of any of these items, 100% of the profit will be donated for this cause.