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A series that celebrates the strength and beauty of contemporary women of Guarani origin. They invite us to reflect on the importance of the culture and identity of the Guarani woman in today's society.

Each of these paintings is unique in its approach and technique, from allegorical representations of nature and mother earth to vibrant portraits or others that belong to the imaginary, but all share a deep respect and admiration for the Guarani culture and its legacy that has influenced the identity of many South American countries. However, the figure of the Guarani woman has often been underestimated and marginalized in history and art.

Part of the inspiration for this series is a  song symbol of the Ava Guaraní people from very remote times written in their own language and translated into Spanish.


Rosita, Pochi Rosita

emecheve love emecheve demederete

demahepora baepota

chendive reicotta

Rosita, Pochi Rosita

chevo chapia chencodeya

Peguache crow chepiacavi

chendive reictoa

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